As I woke this morning, my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts of…. what lies ahead. Is the direction we are headed beneficial? Is this really what we want to do? Is this healthy for our family? So many questions.

As I sat down to milk, I began to pray.”GOD lead me.” You know, those times you wish the answers were wrote in the sky. You wish God would just appear and grab you up and show you just what to do. When your mind is so foggy from everyday life it’s hard to slow down and listen to your heart directed by God. That lazy feeling of it’s to much work to listen. I’m just sure you know what I’m speaking about. God does to. He sees our heavy hearts, confused minds, worried souls. He is just waiting for us to stop and ask for his guidance. This morning, I was there. I have carried these concerns to long, without any change because I have not ask. The concerns and guidance I have and need seems like nonsense, but to God they’re not. He cares about us. In my deepest thoughts, he’s right there in them with me. What a comfort it is to know this. If you find yourself with millions of questions and concerns, call on Him.

Now on to things happening on the farm.

Today is another beautiful day of life. We are still waiting on a few ewes to lamb. We have had several born in the last couple weeks. All little ram lambs, which is great. Moms and babies have bonded well and lambs are flourishing.

We have turned out the bottle baby ewes that we purchased along with the 2 lgd pups. The pups are really impressive. They have been raised with these orphaned sheep since birth and they really bonded well. Pups are starting to venture futher out into the pasture with the flock. Not wondering far from them. Just what we want to see.

As for our milk cows, things are going really smooth. Daisy has taken on another orphaned calf. She likes him but can’t say that she loves him. 😉 better yet, she just tolerates him. I’am ok with that, he is getting plenty of milk and growing.

Anna joined the farm a week or so ago and fit right in. Her milk is quiet a bit more creamy than Daisy’s, so we milk share with her. She feeds one calf and we milk her for our use, as well. She is the cutest personality.

Something about that sweet face.❤

I’am gonna wrap this up and move on with my day. I realize this is all over the place, but wanted to catch up and share some deeper thoughts with you, as well.

Blessed Day

6C Farm

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