Excited is an understatement. This will be our very first garden below ground. We have always had a few raised bed gardens, but never broke ground for one. Our yard has lots of trees; pecan, walnut, oak, and catalpa. So finding a spot with plenty of sun is almost impossible. We have carefully picked a spot and we have decided to start small incase it doesn’t get enough sun.

So… once we found our spot, we started the search for a tiller. One that I could easily start and run alone. Wasn’t interested in spending a ton on one either. Just as always, husband was visiting a place to buy an old truck for parts, he happen to eye several tillers there. He ask the gentle man if they were for sale. Guess what! They were. He found me an electric start earthquake tiller. It needed a few parts ,but started and ran well. You want to know how much it cost ? 70.00 dollars folks. We did spend another 70.00 or so on parts but that sure beats 500.00 or more.

Husband got parts in and began working on it.

Took him maybe an hour to get it serviced and ready to go. We looked like kids in a candy store when we got to the garden spot and started it up ;)! It’s crazy what brings you joy as an adult.

As I was tilling up the ground, I was feeling so overwhelmed with this life God has given us. The good health we have to be able to do the things we enjoy. The ability and financial stability we have to maintain our desires. Blessed❤

We worked on the ground for awhile, then decided to let it dry out some more. I will be adding rabbit manure to it in the near future. Our meat rabbits come in handy in many ways. We try to make use of everything possible.

We plan to plant strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce,onions, and green beans this first go around. I have garlic in different areas of the yard. Also have some herbs in a different spot. A simple little cozy garden that I pray flourishes.

“I would rather be on my farm, Than emperior of the world. ” ~George Washington

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