As the weather begins to get warmer, we begin to get busy. We have tackled several large projects in the last few weeks. Watching our family work together makes my heart happy. As I reflect back, I’am so grateful for my family. God has truely blessed us, more than we deserve, forsure.

Project 1 – Milking Stanchion

Our first project was building a permanent milking stanchion for our family milk cow. Ross (my husband) wasn’t home from working off when we started this project. So our oldest son, Dacus and our niece Cloie helped me with this one. The little’s helped with it the best they could. Team work always here on the homestead.

So, we began with this …

An open stall with a chain from the wall to hook daisy to while I milked. This worked fine but, I wanted it to be more sanitary for us. We consume her milk and sitting the bucket on dirt floor just bothered me. I found a very simple milk stanchion design off Pinterest, and we followed it very carefully.

So then it went to this….

Coming along nicely. We sat back and admired our work. I felt it was getting somewhere. At this point I had a concrete floor in mind, but wasn’t sold on it just yet. Also felt we needed to add a few more final touches to it.

After sitting back looking at it we decided to do the floor in wood. I’m glad we chose that. I do have a tendency of rearranging, changing things up often. This will be much easier to move without a concrete floor. šŸ™‚

And its done. One proud young man.

It works so great. She comes right in and is very relaxed. This makes milking very peaceful and relaxing for me.

God has given us the opportunity to make use of a very important animal. Daisy gives us enough milk to feed our family, raise a few bottle lambs, and she is also raising her own beef cross steer that we will be able to butcher and enjoy by fall. By sharing her milk with this calf, it allows me to to take a break if I need to. Im not tied down to milking. I feel this is the easiest way to manage for us.

I like a simple, manageable life!!

Next project will be in a new blog post…

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