When raising livestock, its good to have a stall or something similar for many different reasons. We built ours for lambs that need bottle fed, bottle calves, holding or weaning stall. It also can be used for a sick animal but needs to be heavily sanitised once the animal has left the area to return to flock or herd. Some illnesses will linger around.

Right now we are using the holding stall for 3 bottle fed ewe lambs along with 2 livestock guardian pups we purchased. These pups are in this enclosed area left to bond with the sheep. Once they are all turned out, we pray they stay with the flock and work together to protect them.

We chose to build this stall using the open front barn we already had. We extended the stall out past the covered barn so there is more room, and the animal can get some sunshine.

This is the almost finished project..

My favirite part of this stall is the old gate. This gate was here on the homestead when we purchased it. There is so much history here. (1950’s farm house).

The old gate that I Love ❤

Of course its perfect in my eyes. We built it tall enough so nothing would even try to jump out.

Once it was finshed, I started the painting process. White, there is just something about a white stall, fence, whatever it may be. Fresh and appealing to me.

We then decided to add a wood fence around this area. I felt this area needed seperated from our yard. Husband was onboard. We started it after morning milking, and finshed it that evening.

Our daughter loves to draw and paint. She was able to help me paint it all.

Ivory Bell painting…

We also extended it out past the well house to the west. Our garden is located behind the well house.

This area also allows the bottle lambs to get out of the stall and play around. We all enjoy watching them nibble at the ground and jump and play.

Again, our family worked together on these projects. Seeing what each can do is super neat. Ages 2 to 18. They all participated. Making wonderful memories. Also, making our home more usable and appealing.

God is amazing. He created each one of us with a uniquie talent. Don’t forget to ask him to use you and help you use your talents in a way that brings glory to Him.

God bless ❤

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