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Something my family has always desired is a milk cow. We have been through several. Our first one we purchased back in 2012, I believe. Daisy was her name and she had a beef cross heifer on her that we named Cora Beth. Daisy raised us several calves, 4 to be exact. She was the best mother, but as for a family milk cow, not so much. My Husband got right onto building us a milking stanchion and away went to trying to get some kind of routine. Boy was we in for it with Daisy. She was not  into the whole milking thing, even though she had been milked in the past. It just wasn’t one her better qualities. I will never forget a specific time when my oldest boy was milking her for me. I had finished milking the goats and ran the milk into chill. Came back out to check on him and he was all but in tears! She was standing in the milk pail, milk was everywhere, including all over him. She had kicked his arm and worked him over with her tail. Not many milkings after this, Daisy found herself out in the pasture with the beef cows, doing what she did best, which was raising beautiful, thick, healthy calves. In 2015 we went to the farm and couldn’t find her. We searched for her for several days, finally finding her dead under a cedar tree. After further investigating, She lost her life to lightning. She was also in her 3rd stage of pregnancy. Wasn’t an easy loss.

The desire for a milk cow was still there. So along came Tootles. She was what looked to be the perfect one. She came to us fresh and in her 3rd stage of pregnancy with unknown due date. So we chose to dry her off and wait on her to calve. I attended and assisted with the birth of her little bull calf. I just knew this was the start to a great thing. So here I ago, once she had time to bond with her calf, starting our little routine. Mind you, I didn’t milk her prior to her calving. This girls orifices was like size of a straight pin. Absolutely miserable for hand milking. So it wasn’t long till I decided to offer her to a friend who had a milking machine. They loved her and she loved them!

Then, along came Linda. we purchased her from an individual who had purchased her from a dairy and used her as a nurse cow. LOTS OF MILK!!!! She did really well on the stanchion and raised calves good. We ended up putting her out to pasture with beef cows after she raised two nice calves for us. In 2016 we moved to our current farm. Some cows stayed, including Linda at our old farm for a month or so after we moved. One day I went to check on them and Linda was down, unable to get up. We are not sure what went wrong, but she didn’t pull through.

So, you see by now we still have that crazy desire to own the perfect milk that will provide our family with delicious milk. During all these years we had milk goats, but we just didn’t care for the their milk. We enjoyed raising them, but not for their milk.                  We are finally settled into our knew farm. I have sold all goats after trying our a meat herd. Just kinda over them. So we to try our hand at hair sheep, this is for another blog, though.                                                                                                                                                       So, here we were still searching for a milk cow. My husband ran across an ad for one. She was 3 years old, second calving, easy to hand or machine milk. All sounds great to us! To top it off, she was only 3 months fresh with a nice little steer on her side. Her generics or known for not being heavy producers but known for extended lactation. That is just what I was wanting. So, I load up our kids and we off to get the pair. Her owners were the most precious people. I know soon as I spoke with them, it was going to be a perfect thing. They appeared to be very genuine honest folks. At their farm I was able to meet Daisy’s (the cow I went to look at) mother, and her daughter from last year. It’s great to see genetics. I loved what I saw. So we loaded the pair up and headed home.         Arriving home with the new milk cow (Daisy) was such an exciting feeling for us. I just knew this one was the one. She has excelled at everything we have expected from her. she gives us just enough milk. My fridge stays full, none is wasted. God new just what we needed. He fulfilled our wish ABOVE AND BEYOND.cropped-img_20180210_092918_323.jpg

Blessings upon Blessings!




  1. Lucky you a cow is next on our agenda it is turkeys at the moment..and like you with your cows not without problems…Lovely to raise and friendly it is just keeping the baby’s alive and well ..a big learning curve…Thank you for the follow 🙂

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